Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking it too far

Okay. So Twilight is a phenomenon. Everyone knows that. The actors are stars. But is it really neccesary for people to take it this far?

Four crazed fans attack poor Robert Pattinson in NYC on the set of Remember

It's stupid bitches like this that make the rest of the Twilight fandom look like morons. How would you like it if people you didn't even know just started jumping on you and getting in your personal space? I can't say that you would like it very much. Because you wouldn't.
Why is it impossible to be polite and ask? If they say no, deal with it.

"What's up Rob? I'm just going to invade your personal space...No big deal right? You're not actually a human being..."

And what really makes me super annoyed is that after the fact, these stupid chicks actually seem proud of scaring the shit out of poor Rpattz:

Girl in green plaid: "If I dress in some skanky shorts, I just know Rpattz will love me and my BEAUTIFUL wet-dog hairstyle!"
Girl with stupid hat: "Ooooh, I bet Rob LOVES stupid hats!"
Girl with rolled up jeans: "I have no thoughts in my head, because I'm dead behind the eyes..."
Crazy Hairstyle Girl: "Yay for fake boobs and overgelled ponytails! I KNOW Rpattz will always remember his movie..."

Yeah, remember you as the crazy chick with horrible fake boobs and no respect for personal space.

To end this rant, I say this: If you happen across a celeb, be respectful. You don't want to go down in history like these dumbasses as "The Crazy NYC Fangirls".

Eyes rolling,

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