Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hello blogging world! This is a blog dedicated to Abby and Becky's extreme love for Harry Potter and Twilight. We also have a vlog on youtube: thetonkscullen2 so you can view our awkwardness through the magic of video. We obviously are super fangirls when it comes to Twilight and Harry Potter, we love caffeine and nicotine (Abby mostly on the second part). We're always up for a roadtrip, our most recent would be our journey to Auburn Hills to see 100 Monkeys where Becky's love for Twilight was finally realized (vlog soon to come about the epicness). We did have a trip to Forks planned but money became an issue, don't think that discounts the idea completely! We are hoping to at least gain some fans of our awkward, weird and probably will be sometimes insane blogs, so if you find us, spread the word!!!
Below is our first vloggy. Enjoy!
Later Gators...
Becky and Abby

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