Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ahh, Jackson Rathbone...

i can has?

A man after me heart. Here is my imagined monologue to Jackson that will never ever happen:

Jackson, people may not love you as much as Rpattz...but I must say JBone (yes...JBone) people like me know better. I don't care that you said like only 5 lines in Twilight. I don't care that you were the guy that loved Kaitlin Cooper (my least favorite character) on The OC. You are the sex god of the Twilight cast, even if Rpattz is generally recognized as that. I know better. I saw you at Callahan's Bar when you came to Michigan, and just let me say...YES. Rpattz may be a musician too, but I prefer you and your 100 Monkeys. Don't worry, JBone, I got your back.

Later fellow Jackson lovers (and I know you're out there)

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