Sunday, June 7, 2009

Robert Pattinson

I'm not one to usually "go with the flow" or conform to any certain crowd or trend but Robert Pattinson is one fad that I will fully give into. Although I hold my differences from the regular Twilight fan girl, I fully accept the fact that one of the main reasons I'm all about it is RPattz.

What's not to love? The accent, his lack of self awareness and realization as to why millions of fan girls across the nation melt at the mention of his name. His involvement in British made for TV movies and smaller films and last but not least his "dirty" habit of smoking. Although kissing a smoker may not always be enjoyable, think about it, it's the trait every "bad boy" that you can't take home to mommy has. The boys that daddy never wants you to go around almost always smoke, what's more attractive then seeing your boy blow smoke from his nostrils like a dragon? I'm thinking along the lines of James Dean here, I'm not endorsing smoking to anyone, I'm just saying that when RPattz does it, it's lovely.

I definitely love Jackson Rathbone and would love to say that all of my fan girl allegiances are with him just for the sake of being different but I cannot deny myself my love for Rob. I need to gather ammo for the soon to come vlog debate between Abby and I about which one is better, Robert or Jackson. I honestly think in the end we will have a draw and have to agree to disagree.

Rob has the musical quality to him as does Jackson but I think because Rob is so modest and unaware of what a God among mortals he is, it draws me to him even more. A boy that can't understand how great he is needs someone to dote upon him and let him know how amazing he is. Rob, I am your woman. I will let you know how unique you are and what a great role you held in The Bad Mothers' Handbook, crammed into your skinny jeans with your loose scarf around your neck and your awkward mannerisms.

Honestly, this entry wasn't supposed to be about my love for RPattz, it was just intended to let the world know that although I love to be different and against the grain, when it comes to Robert Pattinson, I can't fight the group. I am just as much of a fan girl over him as everyone else.


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